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Iruka’s Big Mission


Iruka sensed a familiar disturbance in the force long before the sound waves reached him and nearly shattered his eardrums.


The six and seven year olds in his classroom just gaped in confusion as an orange blur slammed straight into their resigned-looking teacher, propelling him into the chalkboard with a loud smack.

Iruka felt his eyes twitch violently as the back of his head impacted the board and chalk dust flew all around him. The dry cloud clung to his face and inserted itself in his nasal passages. Somehow, he had the presence of mind to keep his mouth shut to avoid tasting the foul stuff.

“Didja miss me?” Naruto beamed up at him, somehow having wrapped himself around Iruka’s torso.

Of course he had. Naruto had been gone two years; that was a ridiculous question. For just a moment, nostalgia made him smile.

The teenager smiled up at him. He hadn’t let go, still. His face was far too low for Iruka’s comfort, to be entirely honest. Naruto had probably just gotten too excited and dove right at where he’d last remembered being tall enough to reach. Or maybe he’d tripped and that was why he was on his knees.

Even though he’d reasoned it through, Iruka still couldn’t suffocate the burning rage that was threatening to take him whole.

Besides, if beating up a jinchuuriki wouldn’t cow his students into listening to their teacher, he doubted anything would. With that in mind, Iruka entirely let go of the calm façade.

“NARUTO!” He shouted, frothing at the mouth and kicking the genin out the classroom window like he  was a rag doll. He vaguely registered the dumbstruck look on Naruto’s face amidst the tinkling of falling glass before he leapt out the window behind his former student.

Naruto landed as gracefully as he’d expected. That is to say that he belly-flopped onto the ground like a fish, still yelling in confusion.

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Fanfiction is surprisingly conducive to introspection


I don’t think I realized just how dark my sense of humor was until I started writing fanfiction. There’s something wrong with me but I love the chapter I’m finishing working on. If no one else does, I will be so sad that you don’t even understand. It’s really hard to be Obito in chapter ten. and Aiko. But Kakashi probably has it worst, assuming Sasuke doesn’t kill him.

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what im saying is that bisexuals, pansexual, and asexuals should all join together so we can be in the fictitious trifecta. enough people will say we’re not real and we’ll all converge together in a massive, fierce mass only spoken of in myth.  dont come near us or you too will cease to exist


can we include aromantics?


triforce of fabulousness


There we go, a shield to protect against the negativity

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you're not exactly convincing anyone you're "indifferent" towards white people when you dedicate an entire blog to pointing out how privileged and racist-by-large they are. i'm interested to know just what goes on inside a victim complex like the multiple ones on this blog. i will gladly acknowledge racism occurs, but i don't believe racism is exclusive to any particular race. that in itself is a very racist thing to think whether your sociology professor told you so or not.



About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was a part of him-and I didn’t know how potent that part might be-that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.

I’m crying. Oh my god. So much love for this response.

What I feel is not exactly ‘love’ for people who don’t understand that ‘pointing out examples of ways in which you benefit from things you don’t even notice’ isn’t a personal attack, but at least it’s amusing at times. Yes. You figured it out. Social critique is really all about you. It’s a conspiracy by those privileged non-white persons to oppress you by making you think and feel uncomfortable, and you spotted it.

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What about our fans? Are they privileged? Let me tell you about Anders. He was one of two male love interests in Dragon Age II, and the only one of the two that would actually make his intentions known to the player without the player expressing interest first. If you were nice to him, he would make a pass at you, and you could turn him down, and that would be the end of it. And some fans REALLY did not like that.

Some of them asked for a gay toggle; because in a game where there’s mature themes, slavery, death, and none of which we offer toggles for, encountering a gay character? OOH, beyond the pale. They didn’t want to be exposed to homosexuality.

And this one fan on our forums posted that he felt too much attention had been spent on women and gays and not enough on straight male gamers. For all of whom he personally spoke, of course. ‘It’s ridiculous that I even have to use a term like Straight Male Gamers, when in the past I would only have to say fans.’ The purpose of the romances in Dragon Age II was to give each type of fan an equal content. Two romances whether you’re male or female, straight or gay.

How upsetting for this particular Straight Male Gamer to realize he wasn’t being catered to. This was not equality to him, but an imbalance; an imbalance of the natural order. He did not want equality, he’s not interested in equality. To him, from his perspective, equality means he’s getting less. Less options? Actually, no, the number of options we had in that game was actually the same number of options that he would have received earlier. What was his issue was the idea that there was attention being spent on other groups, which SHOULD have rightly gone to him.

Do ALL straight male gamers feel exactly the same as he does? Absolutely not. In the thread where this came up in fact, there was quite a few guys who came in and identified themselves as straight male gamers and said ‘I actually don’t have an issue with that, as long as I receive an experience I enjoy, I think other people should be able to enjoy that too.’ But if you think that Straight Male Gamer Dude is an outlier among our fanbase, you were not paying attention.

This is Anita Sarkeesian, she’s the author of the Feminist Frequency, a blog which examines tropes in the depiction of women in popular culture. You’ve probably all heard about this, it’s a matter of public record, she announced a Kickstarter to start a web series to look at the tropes in video games and she was subjected to a campaign of vicious abuse and harassment by male gamers. Why? Well, because she represents to these guys the loss of their coveted place in the gaming audience. Never mind that well all know Goddamn well that they’re still at the top of the totem pole. What they see themselves losing is sole proprietorship over their domain. That’s what it is.

Everything that is changing about the gaming industry to accommodate these players, to them, is diluting the purity of gaming which has belonged solely to them. That’s what this is all about. And here’s the thing, I’m pretty certain that our industry fears the scrutiny of those guys way more than the scrutiny of everyone else. Because those are the guys that scream at the top of their lungs, they spend their time on every internet forum, they spend their time making Metacritic reviews. Infuriate them, and you become a target. It’s so much easier to say “Well, that’s what our fans are like. There’s nothing we can do.” And that’s bullshit.

They didn’t set the tone, did they? We set the tone. What we put out there, what we permit, whether it’s on our forums, whether it’s on Xbox Live, the things that we permit we are in effect condoning. What happened to Anita, we the industry, are partly responsible for. We’re in part to blame. And if the idea of moral responsibility doesn’t phase you, consider the idea that the time will probably soon come that this will also amount to legal responsibility.

BioWare EA Writer David Gaider speaking on sexism and sexuality in video games. (via lolitsgabe)

also known as “Why I Love And Support BioWare Games”

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Bioware ain’t perfect, but good gosh it does give me the warm fuzzies when one of their crew knocks it out of the park.

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(Also the hilarious case of crackers crying about racism due to it)

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This is what constitutes 60-80% of my dash